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Philip Nation

8 Ways to Teach Leadership from the Bible

Leadership is definitely put on display and explicitly taught in the Bible. But, like all other subjects, it requires careful interpretation and handling with nuance.

4 Warnings about “Authenticity”

The drive to be genuine has become the willingness to describe church life, cultural events, and even personal experiences as unvarnished as possible. However, it has also become the opportunity to “air one’s dirty laundry” for the whole world.

How to Handle Disagreements in Your Small Group

In your small groups, it is likely that discussions will happen where people disagree. Passions will flare up and debates may break out. All of that is a good thing. We want the members of our groups to wrestle with the truths of the Bible and to do so together.

5 Mistakes We Make in Our Sermons

For the purpose of this post, I will not address the content of your expository work. Instead, I want to address the stuff that surrounds it and can help people hear the core of your message better.

Spiritual Disciplines in a Digital Age

The digitally connected world has given us access to more information and less understanding. It puts me in contact with more people but provides less relationally to these contacts.

7 Ways for Teaching Leadership

We need more leaders. Or we need to better train the leaders we already have in our churches. Let me give you a few ideas about teaching leadership.

21 Questions to Ask Other Leaders

As I’ve been mulling over how I can more intentionally learn from others, I began putting together a list of questions that I hope to pose to more and more people. When I meet other leaders, here’s what I want to know.

5 Types of Preaching

As a pastor, I need to evaluate my own heart and preparedness for the moment of the sermon. In doing so, I’ve come up with five generalized styles of preaching: four of which need to be guarded against and one that I hope is the regular manner in which I preach.

The New Testament Gift of Leadership

This particular passage teaches that leadership is not only something that is practiced, but it is something bestowed to members of the church.

Defining Missional Leadership

Missional leadership is living according to and speaking comprehensively about the mission of God as first revealed in the scriptures and the life of Jesus Christ so as to guide others to surrender to and participate in the mission of God on a personal and community level.

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