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Rev. Kyle Norman

SWN authorReverend Kyle Norman is the Rector of the Anglican Parish of Holy Cross in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a doctorate in Spiritual Formation and is often asked to write or speak on the nature of the Christian community, and the role of Spiritual disciplines in Christian life. His personal blog can be found here.

What Does Gideon Teach Us about Strong Faith?

Gideon’s defeat of Midian is instructive for our lives of faith. While we may never have to face a rival army, the story reveals how God uses us to fulfill God’s purposes in the world. Despite obstacles looming large over us, God’s power can and will be revealed in our lives.

King Belshazzar’s Timely Warning of the Sin of Pride

The tale of King Belshazzar, found in the book of Daniel, is a great example of this. God acts against Belshazzar and brings his reign to an abrupt end because of his prideful arrogance. Belshazzar, therefore, stands as a warning to the destructive nature of pride. 

Living in Grace - The Crosswalk Devotional - May 23

Scripture uses the word “grace” as a shorthand for the entire redemptive activity of our Lord.

A Message for the Fearful Hearted - Crosswalk the Devotional - May 11

The one who made the lame to leap, the deaf to hear, the mute to sing, and the dead to walk, has promised to breathe life, peace, and restoration upon you.

What Is the Purpose of Baptism for Christians?

Baptism is not an end; it is a beginning. One is baptized into a new life, as a sign of one’s new creation by the Spirit of Jesus, embodied within the context of a new community. In this way, despite what one believes about who is to be baptized (i.e., infants or adults only) baptism must be connected to how one lives. Thus, it is an action that none should lightly undertake.

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