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Idol Worship: Then & Now

When you think of worshiping idols, what comes to your mind? Golden calves? Giant statues? Here's a sobering look from The Skit Guys at what we often look like when we bow down to our own idols.

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Our Heroes: A Memorial Day Tribute

The Skit Guys bring you another heart-warming and inspiring video illustration just in time for Memorial Day. In this clip, a father reminisces about a trip to Washington, D.C., where his son learned the cost of freedom. Download this video at Uploaded by user 'skitguys' on

Skit Guys - 'Tis Better to Receive

Download this video at The brothers Marley gather to celebrate Christmas and quickly learn ’tis truly better to have a giving heart than to give anything at all.

Thanksgiving: God's Goodness

In this humorous yet sentimental Thanksgiving video from The Skit Guys, we are reminded that no matter how messy our lives get, we should always be thankful for God's goodness.

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