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Tim Brister

Deliver Us from Inconsequential Successes

When it comes to the Great Commission, there are basically three responses a church can have. A church can do nothing, something, or one thing.

The 5 Categories of Non-Christians

With the shrinking of Christendom, there is an increase in paganism. In other words, when non-Christians are categorized according to their position/stance regarding Christianity, more are antagonistic than ever before.

Why Preach from a Manuscript?

I have taken some time in recent days to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and benefits I’ve received from using a full manuscript in my preaching, and I thought I share them here for what it’s worth.

6 Steps to Create a Disciple-Making Culture

Here are six means I believe church leaders should be intentional with implementing in order to create a disciple-making culture.

Re-Entering Every “Place” for Gospel Advance

If we are going to follow Jesus into the world to make disciples through gospel advance, we need to be empowered by the Spirit to reject “subcultural” norms and re-enter for the purpose of showing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3 Truths about Platforms from John the Baptist

The paradox of greatness according to Jesus runs on a totally different set of tracks than the world of raw, selfish ambition. What can we learn from the life of John the Baptist, since, after all, he did it better than anyone else?

3 Phases of Christianity in Culture and How to Respond

For some, this is a time of lament. For others, it is a time of renewal and revival. I want to offer my reflections on the three different phases of Christianity and culture and the corresponding posture for Christian cultural engagement.

Where Jesus Lived on Mission

I am convinced that every step was intentional, every story was purposeful, every aspect providential for the purpose of not only accomplishing His mission but also modeling and training His apprentices to become like Him in every way.

Christians without a Tribe

Today, you can be a Christian without a family, without a clan, and without a tribe while still claiming to be a part of the nation. Identity is related to the individual alone to the point that little to nothing transcends a unique blend of a la carte spirituality.

Being Missional in a Post-Christian Culture

In a post-Christian culture, the attraction to Christianity is sacrificial love for those who have nothing to give you in return. What makes Christianity plausible is not relevance but presence, not commodity but community, not event but life.

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