Numbers 6:24

24 May the Lord send his blessing on you and keep you:

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Numbers 6:24 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 6:24

The Lord bless thee
Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit; the word "Jehovah" being three times used, and a different accent put to each word, denoting three distinct persons and one Jehovah, according to ( Deuteronomy 6:4 ) ; who are each of them concerned in the blessing of the Lord's people, the spiritual Israel of God; Jehovah the Father blesses with all spiritual blessings, with electing, adopting, justifying, and pardoning grace, with regenerating and calling, and persevering grace, and with eternal life: Jehovah the Son blesses particularly with redeeming grace, and has a concern in all the other blessings; the saints are blessed with them in him, they are all in his hands, they are procured by him, come through him, and are the gifts of his grace: and Jehovah the Spirit blesses as a spirit of regeneration and sanctification, as the spirit of faith, as a comforter, as the spirit of adoption, and as the earnest and sealer of the saints unto the day of redemption:

and keep thee;
from, the evil of the world, from the evil one Satan, from the evil of sin, and the power, prevalence, and dominion of it, and from falling totally and finally by it, and keep in a state of grace unto everlasting salvation.

Numbers 6:24 In-Context

22 And the Lord said to Moses,
23 Say to Aaron and his sons, These are the words of blessing which are to be used by you in blessing the children of Israel; say to them,
24 May the Lord send his blessing on you and keep you:
25 May the light of the Lord's face be shining on you in grace:
26 May the Lord's approval be resting on you and may he give you peace.

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