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Philippians 1:12-26

12 Now it is my purpose to make clear to you, brothers, that the cause of the good news has been helped by my experiences;
13 So that it became clear through all the Praetorium, and to all the rest, that I was a prisoner on account of Christ;
14 And most of the brothers in the Lord, taking heart because of my chains, are all the stronger to give the word of God without fear.
15 Though some are preaching Christ out of envy and competition, others do it out of a good heart:
16 These do it from love, conscious that I am responsible for the cause of the good news:
17 But those are preaching Christ in a spirit of competition, not from their hearts, but with the purpose of giving me pain in my prison.
18 What then? only that in every way, falsely or truly, the preaching of Christ goes on; and in this I am glad, and will be glad.
19 For I am conscious that this will be for my salvation, through your prayer and the giving out of the stored wealth of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,
20 In the measure of my strong hope and belief that in nothing will I be put to shame, but that without fear, as at all times, so now will Christ have glory in my body, by life or by death.
21 For to me life is Christ and death is profit.
22 But if I go on living in the flesh--if this is the fruit of my work--then I do not see what decision to make.
23 I am in a hard position between the two, having a desire to go away and be with Christ, which is very much better:
24 Still, to go on in the flesh is more necessary because of you.
25 And being certain of this, I am conscious that I will go on, yes, and go on with you all, for your growth and joy in the faith;
26 So that your pride in me may be increased in Christ Jesus through my being present with you again.
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