Whether you jump out of bed in the morning or attempt to hit snooze as many times possible before waking up, it is important to invite God into your day. We do not wake up each day hoping the sun will come up, because it is the regular faithfulness of the Lord Creator who perfectly keeps our solar system running in order. There are so many little things that we can easily neglect to acknowledge the Lord is at work in each day. Here are seven morning prayers to start your day.

My Creator God, Elohim,

Thank You for Your gift of life. Thank You for the warm sun that You bring up each morning. Thank You for the trees and plants that provide oxygen. Thank You for rain to sustain us. Thank You for Your creation of the materials for my home. Thank You for creating my loved ones and community. Thank You for being intentional about every detail of your designs in nature. You are so worthy and honorable. As I wake up today, help me to have open eyes to Your beauty and glory in Your creations of people and of nature. Help me to be in awe of who You are today.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for waking me up today. I praise You for the gift of life. Thank You for helping me get out of bed. Give me strength for the day ahead. Help me to be aware of You so that I can give You glory today. I pray that I would be mindful of each moment that You have for me. Guide me by Your Spirit to see who You want me to see and do what You want me to do. Provide spiritual awareness in my everyday routine.