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Does God Keep Things from Us?

| Editor,
14 Jan
Sad man looking out a window in the rain

We had a mouse problem in my little home last month – big time. What started with a call to the exterminator and a few glue boards here and there quickly escalated. I had four different types of traps in every corner of my bedroom, all slathered with peanut butter and goldfish crackers.

For a long time after I first put them down, the traps weren’t attracting any mice. But they were attracting my poor dog.

Before you get too worried, my dog was safe through the whole ordeal! (If you’re worried about the mice… sorry.)

But the bait I used to lure the pests also happens to be my dog’s favorite treat – peanut butter. And more than once I caught him slinking off to a corner with his nose down, sniffing out what he thought was a delicious free snack. I snatched him up, yelled at him, but then snuggled him because I know he doesn’t understand.

My dog can’t know that if he were to stick his tongue in that seemingly harmless peanut butter, it would end with a sore nose at best, or a panicked trip to the emergency vet at worst. He must think I’m holding out on him. He can’t understand the danger, and since I’m a loving dog mom, I don’t want him to find out.

Throughout this, I can’t help thinking that maybe sometimes we are like this with God. We smell something great around the corner, and think wow I want that now! But just as we start to check it out, God makes it clear to us that that thing is a no-go. Maybe He speaks to us through Scripture or a sermon, and reminds us what is good and not good for us. Maybe, like me with my dog, He seems to physically snatch you away from that thing.

Or maybe there aren’t many “mouse traps” in your life. Maybe you are waiting for a good, promised thing from God. And waiting. And waiting… and waiting….

It’s hard not to feel disappointed that God is keeping this awesome thing from you. But is that really what He’s doing?

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