Raise your hand if you too hated group projects in school. It’s probably because you, like me, felt like you were the one who did all the work. There was always the kid who planned everything, delegated work and put the whole beautiful project together. And then there was always the kid who skipped meetings, turned in the least amount of work, and then slapped their name on the finished project, even though they barely contributed.

It drove me crazy! Why? Because it wasn’t fair! Why should the kid who did no work get the same grade as me who did so much?

As an adult I’ve been slowly growing to accept that my faith is very much a big group project. But when you come to understand who you are in the group, and who has actually done all the work, that frustration starts to turn to humility and thanksgiving.  

Before we get too deep into this topic, let’s define what exactly we are talking about.

What is grace?

I’ve often heard it explained in comparison to mercy. Mercy is not getting what we do deserve. Grace is getting something we don’t deserve. Our God is both merciful and gracious to us. Romans 3:23 teaches that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But in His mercy, Christ offers us a path out of the death that we deserve.

He is also gracious in offering us eternal life. All have sinned, all are imperfect. We don’t deserve Heaven and have never done anything that can make us deserving of it. But He offers it to us anyway.