How Our Father’s Wise Advice Reminds Us to Be Thankful

How Our Father’s Wise Advice Reminds Us to Be Thankful

Move to Stand is a bullying prevention program local schools around the country use to raise awareness and equip students to help those who are victims of bullying. During the training, high schoolers are asked to remember their fifth-grade selves, and stand in the spectrum of bullying appropriate to who they were then. Because of where they have been, they will be able to help current fifth graders.

Wise advice, which aligns with the truth in Scripture, is gold in our everyday lives. It teaches us to be thankful to God, who provides such rich nourishment for our souls, knowing exactly what we need for each day.

“…what lies before you.”

Wise advice teaches us to be thankful for the deep and rich meaning God has layered into each of our lives! We all have days when we wonder what we are supposed to do. We can thank God in advance for the plan He has just for us. By seeking Him daily in prayer and Scripture, working hard at the things we are good at and love to do, and listening to the wise people He surrounds us with, we will find and walk in our individual purpose on this earth.

God is faithful to place people in our lives purposefully. Often, they are people going through something we have been through, which gives us the opportunity to walk alongside and assure them they will make it to the other side of those painful seasons. If we are open to paying attention to the people God places in our lives, we too will discover mentors and friends to walk with us through both hard and celebratory seasons with incredible empathy. We are meant to live in relationship, and when we put down our devices to look each other in the eyes, we really do relate to each other better. Paul wrote to the Ephesians:

Wise advice teaches us to be thankful for the people God faithfully places in our lives to love us, not only through appropriate counsel but also compassion and empathy. We all need friends. We all need to find people to be our people.

In this Proverb about wise advice from a father, we can take a lot of wisdom away from what it means to seek and follow the advice of our wise and loving Heavenly Father. It provides a guard around our hearts, as the verse above – which is also a part of this proverb – instructs us. If we stubbornly dig our feet in to the ways our selfish hearts want to go, we will find pain and ruin. But if we will humbly and gratefully accept wise advice from the Truth of God’s Word and the wise counsel He places in our lives which aligns with His Word, we will prosper in the purposes God has planned for us.

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