There is something extremely powerful about praying the Scriptures. We know that the Lord’s words are living and active. They stand through all eternity. They are His message to us.

Today as we break down Psalm 91, we are going to pray through it using God’s Word as a basis for our prayer today. We can find rest and hope in praying what the Lord has said back to Him. We see this in the Scriptures that people reminded the Lord of what He promised or said in previous times as an affirmation of Him and a response in faith, believing Him at His Word. Today, let’s do this together.

Lord, I come to You finding rest to dwell in Your shelter. You are the Most High, help me to rest in Your shadow today. You are Almighty God.

I am saying that You are my refuge and my fortress, You are my God and I trust in You.

Please save me from the attacks from the enemy and the ways of my flesh. Give me spiritual eyes to see the traps set before me.

Would You please cover me in protection like a bird with his wings. Help me to find a safe place in You today. Help Your faithfulness to be a protection for me in life’s difficulties today.

God, nothing causes you to fear. Help me to not be afraid of anything, but to put my full trust in You. Give me strength to be not fazed by the evil in the night, the attacks in the day, the enemy’s work or the challenges in this world.