6 Prayers to Grow in Our Ability to Give Thanks

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6 Prayers to Grow in Our Ability to Give Thanks

As a Christian, I believe in the majesty of God. I believe that He heals, redeems, forgives, guides, loves, and so many other things. In recognition of this majesty, I do what is typical of believers, what we read about in Scripture, what we see in other believers we know. I petition God. I request blessings on behalf of others and myself. Blessings that include health, finances, relationships, and discernment. The list is honestly infinite. There’s always someone in need, and truthfully, as people, there’s always something we want. Myself included.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.


Thank you for the work we perform day to day, week to week. Thank you for the efforts we are able to make with our minds and bodies. Thank you for the impact we can make on those around us. Those in our communities, in our states, countries, in the world.

Thank you for the work we perform out in the fields and inside buildings. Thank you for those who teach and those who build. Thank you for the scholars and the scientists. Thank you for the painters and the writers.

Thank you for the work performed within the church and how those efforts extend to the people on the outside. Thank you that through work we can showcase Christ to believers and those yet to believe.

In your Son’s name, I say, Amen.


Your word says to be thankful in every circumstance, which includes times of chaos. Though bad things have happened to me, I’m grateful that I’ve grown in my faith as a result. Grateful that difficulty has taught me wisdom. Grateful that I’ve learned to surrender to you.

God, you never promised me an easy life, but you did promise me your presence. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for the comfort you provided through the church, through people, and through things.

Challenges come and go, but your love always remains the same. Thank you.



There is not a day that goes by when I am not touched by your majesty. I see you in the ways you provide for people. I see you in the way that you make your presence known. I see your love poured out through the church.

Day by day, I find myself grateful for your forgiveness, for the fact that we can come to you at any time and confess our transgressions. Thank you for meeting us where we are and calling on us to be better. Thank you for your mercy throughout that edifying process. You care enough to instruct us and love us enough to have sent your Son.

Thank you for your glorious works. Those demonstrated throughout Scripture, history, and the ways we see you at play today.

Truly, your goodness knows no bounds.

Thank you, Lord. Amen!

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aaron brown profile pic bioAaron D'Anthony Brown is a freelance writer, hip-hop dance teacher, and visual artist, living in Virginia. He currently contributes work to iBelieve, Crosswalk, and supports various clients through the platform Upwork. He's an outside-the-box thinker with a penchant for challenging the status quo. Check out his short story “Serenity.”

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