Spare time may seem like your rarest commodity. But you might be surprised where you can find time for Bible study.

Studying the Bible can easily get pushed aside from our day for "urgent" matters. But you can reclaim some of your time if you take a closer look at how you spend your day. For example, we often spend a great deal of time waiting. Whether it's waiting in line at the store or waiting at the doctor's office, we have blocks of time when we might do nothing more than browse magazines or look around. With our iPhone app and mobile site, you can reclaim your wait by studying Isaiah 1 or Psalm 1.

You can do the same with your commute to and from work. Listen to one of our audio Bibles as you're driving or riding.

At the office, you could set aside fifteen minutes from your lunch for study, or you could use one of your breaks to read. Print out a chapter from John and take it a verse at a time as you have a few moments.

If you spend most of your free time with your family, then read together before, during, or after dinner.

When you examine your life, it's likely that you'll find some small pockets of time where study will fit. And if not, you may want to consider dropping an activity to focus on something more eternal (Isaiah 40:8).