Have you ever had an “I see it!” moment while reading scripture?

You start seeing connections. This verse to that verse, this chapter to that chapter. A picture starts to emerge, like a 3-D “seeing eye” panorama. You start to understand why the author wrote what he did, when he did, where he did. The Word of God becomes crystal clear. It’s glorious.

This usually happens when we notice the details. There’s glory in the details.

Mark 4:35-5:43 is one of those passages where the details make all the difference. Look at how this section of scripture is laid out:

  • 4:35 – 4:41 – A storm arises and the disciples panic because death is at hand. Jesus speaks, the storm dies.
  • 5:1-20 – Jesus encounters a screaming, demon possessed man. No one has been able to cage this man. Jesus speaks, the demons panic and flee.
  • 5:25-34 – A woman has been hemorrhaging blood for twelve years. Doctors are useless. She touches Jesus’ garment and the bleeding stops.
  • 5:35-43 – A little girl lies dead in her father’s house. “Talitha cumi”. Life springs back into her body.

There’s a theme that runs through these verses: the authority of Jesus.

Jesus speaks and nature obeys. Pressure systems change, clouds shift, water currents move, and winds die at the sound of his voice. Authority over nature.

Jesus speaks and demons obey. These demons rule a man. They manipulate his voice, electrify him with supernatural strength, and dominate his life. They were unstoppable. Until they meet Jesus. Authority over demons.

Jesus heals a woman without speaking a word. She touches the edge of his cloak and encounters healing power. Blood congeals. Tissue is repaired. The incurable has been cured. Authority over sickness.

Jesus stands over the corpse of a precious little girl. Her life has been snatched away, cut short. Death, the great enemy of mankind, has stolen another life. It is relentless, merciless, ruthless, always winning, always killing, crushing the hopes of men and women. But even death buckles before the Savior. He has authority over death itself.

When you read scripture, look for the details. Linger over the passage. Put pen to paper and record your thoughts. Try to answer this question:

Why did the author put this passage here and not somewhere else?

The glory is in the details.