You've done it. You've committed to reading the Bible all the way through (and if you haven't yet, you can sign up in just a few seconds on our site). That's a great first step. Now, how do you stay on track with your plan for the whole way? These tips can help:

Keep the right perspective. Remember that you're not reading just to check something off your list. You're reading a book that's useful for correction, instruction, and guidance. It's your life GPS.

Get accountable. Reading with a group, a friend, or a spouse will certainly give you an extra boost. You can hold each other accountable and discuss what you're reading. If there's no group where you are, our online groups can act as a nice fill-in.

Step away from the guilt. Don't let Bible reading become a matter of guilt. It's something you have the privilege of doing; not something you have to do.

Change it up. You don't have to just read the Bible; you can listen to it as well. Try reading out loud one day or using a different translation. Mixing things up will help you stay on track.

Be flexible. If you fall behind on your reading plan, don't worry about meeting a specific deadline. Just read what you can when you can. Somedays you may only have time for one chapter. Other days you may have time for two days' worth of readings. Even if your "one-year plan" takes two years, at least you're reading. (Bonus tip: Our reading plans allow you to change the start date and see previous and upcoming dates if you need to be flexible. If your current plan is too much, you can also pick a different plan easily.)

Dig deeper. Make your Bible reading a time of discovery. Use the study resources and videos on our site as a chance to learn more about the selections for each day.

Enjoy it. Reading the Bible isn't a chore. It's a chance to connect with God through His Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use Scripture to grab your attention and challenge you with what you discover.