Can We Speak with Angels?

Can We Speak with Angels?

Many people have opinions on this sensitive subject matter, with some saying they speak to their guardian angels or loved ones who have passed that they believe have become angels. Others may believe that angels are more invisible beings protecting us from dangerous situations, while others may think they don’t exist at all.

We do know that angels are in the Bible and are also a part of God’s eternal plan to defeat evil and usher in the new heaven on earth at Jesus’s Second Coming.

However, the question arises about whether we can interact with these heaven-bound beings? Are they only to remain at a distance – maybe even invisible to us – until an appointed time set by God? Or can we talk with angels any time we want, able to call them down from heaven to speak with at a moment’s notice?

Yes, we can talk to angels, but angels usually make their appearance known to us because God has a message for us or if significant moments were about to happen according to God’s purposes, not whenever we want them to appear.

Let’s explore how the Bible talks about angels, and see who they are in our Christian lives, how we should interact with them, and what they bring to our relationship with God.

What Do We Know about Angels? 

We learn about angels from the stories of the Bible; beginning in Genesis, we see the angel protecting Eden after the Fall. In the New Testament, we see the angel who visited Mary to inform her of her future pregnancy with Jesus, and we later read about the renowned archangel Michael.

Angels aren’t the childlike figures we see on television that jump from cloud to cloud in white robes and halos, playing harps. Nor are they today’s film generation of angels that are gritty and seem to have more problems than the humans they are to protect.

Angels are messengers from God who are sent to share messages to people on earth, to engage in battle, and to protect Christians when it’s in accordance with God’s will. Several eyewitness accounts have been made of people being helped by seemingly ordinary people who then seem to vanish into thin air when the person tries to find them and thank them.

They are described in Scripture as having wings (the Ark of the Covenant has winged angels on top), and there are different types of angels we learn of in the Bible. Two-winged angels, like those on the Ark of the Covenant, are known as Cherubim, six-winged angels shown in the book of Isaiah are known as Seraphim, and angels like Michael are Archangels who are ordained angel leaders of God.

Did Anyone in the Bible Speak with Angels?

We do have several Bible stories of people encountering angels in some manner. One of the most famous conversations between human and angel is that of Gabriel telling Mary of God’s plan for her to give birth to the Savior. Mary obviously was shocked by this news, but Gabriel soothed her by saying, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God” (Luke 1:30).

Gabriel also visited Zacharias to let him know that their long-awaited prayer for children would be fulfilled, as his wife Elizabeth was to give birth to a son, who would eventually become John the Baptist (Luke 1).

The Angel of the Lord was also an angel who spoke to others, such as Gideon to let him know of God’s appointment to lead in war (Judg. 6:11-12). Abraham was also spoken to by an angel from heaven, to recognize his willingness to sacrifice his son for the Lord (Gen. 22:14-16). 

All these encounters with angels were to relay messages from the Lord, usually related to prophecy or revealing God’s plan to those who followed His will instead of their own wills. 

So, can we speak to angels today? It is unclear if we can or not. However, there is call for concern about those who want to pray and worship angels at the expense of worshipping God.

Can or Should We Pray to Angels?

If prayer is a way to speak with angels, should we pray to them? Since they are messengers of God, shouldn’t we send them our prayers to lay at God’s feet?

The late, great evangelist Billy Graham shared his thoughts on praying to angels, stating that though angels are heavenly beings, praying to them wouldn’t be wise.

He shared that when John tried to worship an angel of the Lord, after it was revealed to John what would happen in the future, the angel scolded him for trying to worship him. “But he said to him to me, ‘Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets . . . Worship God!” (Rev. 22:9).

The main way we should view praying to angels is this: pray for God’s wisdom through Jesus, our Savior, and leave the angels to be messengers from God that aid us at times. Though they may seem more accessible to us, angels aren’t to be worshipped, especially not above Jesus and God. They should instead be viewed as fellow servants of God trying to spread God’s Word to a world who needs Him.

We can find comfort in knowing that God’s loving protection of us includes the powerful protection and guidance of angels when needed.

Angels Are Our Fellow Servants

Angels have long been associated with whimsical characters who are always wearing white, sitting on clouds, and playing harps. However, when we read of angels in the Bible, they were anything like how society makes them to be.

They were warriors like the archangel Michael, ready to wage war for God in battles that would make the most fearless, earthly warrior cower. They were messengers of God to share biblical prophecy with firm but comforting words to ease the most anxious of hearts. They were protectors who stood in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they faced a possible fiery death, yet walked away unharmed.

Angels are messengers from God, called immediately into willing service of the Lord to help and guide God’s creation into the purposes He has for them. It is clear from the Bible how they are used to help those with great plans set for them.

However, even though they can easily come into our lives – whether in an amazing display of godly power, or humbly as a kind stranger – they are not meant to replace the love and support we are to get from God. They are to be seen as our godly brethren, desiring to serve God at every turn and be a testament to Him in all that we do.

So just know that those in heaven are watching and when God calls them for help, they will be there at a moment’s notice.

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