"For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." Hebrews 3:4 (NIV)

Anything my nine year-old son sets his mind to, he can build. Whether he is working with Legos, K'nex, or hammer and nails, you can count on him to build a masterpiece. When he was only seven he informed me he planned to build a clubhouse from scrap wood the "workermen" from the construction site down the road had given him.

I gave him a list of logical reasons why he could not build a clubhouse. My little guy listened, and then proceeded to tell me his logical reasons for how he could build a clubhouse. I knew in my mind I was right, but there was no convincing my "workerman."

It turns out I was wrong. He built that clubhouse: a floor, four walls (including cut outs for doors and windows) and a roof. This was proof positive he was born to build.

There was another young man who was born to build: Jesus. Jesus' earthly father Joseph was a carpenter by trade and customary to the times, taught his son carpentry skills. I picture Jesus as a young child carrying His tools of the trade, honing His skills. He probably hammered a nail or two in places His mother preferred He not. Perhaps He built benches for their humble home. Maybe Jesus even entertained thoughts of building a clubhouse! Yes, Jesus was born to build.

Jesus was born to build, but His primary building project was not buildings, furniture, or other wood items. Jesus was born to construct the majestic splendor of a living temple of God - His church. He does this through the lives of God's children. Jesus is our builder, fashioning us to reflect the image of God.

The Greek rendering for the words built and builder in our key scripture is the same. The definition for these words is quite interesting: to furnish, equip, prepare, make ready; of one who makes ready for a person or thing; of builders, to construct, erect, with the included idea of adorning and equipping with all things necessary. Commentaries further explain the "house built" in our key verse is not a literal house, but a spiritual house.

God our Builder wants to erect, furnish, and prepare us to be ready to reflect His image. His desire is to adorn and equip us, His "living temples," with all things necessary to fulfill the purpose for which we were born. So many times we deny God access to our lives, giving Him logical reasons why we could not possibly be built into His image. He stands ready to give you reasons why you can be built into the image of God.

Are you ready to say yes to God's master plan for your life? He is the Builder of everything. He wrote the blueprint of your life before you were born. Will you let Him craft your life into the masterpiece it is meant to be?

Dear Lord, today I give You the keys to my heart, Your home. Forgive me for keeping You locked out of parts of my life. I want You to come into my heart and life to begin construction. You are the Master Builder; I give You permission to do all things necessary to craft me into the masterpiece I was meant to be. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

[Originally published on OnePlace.com]