Isaiah 41:21-29

Other gods challenged

21 Present your case, says the LORD. Bring forward your evidence, says Jacob's king.
22 Let the idols approach and tell us what will happen. The prior things—what are they? Announce them, and we'll think about them and know their significance. Or proclaim to us what is to come!
23 Report things that will happen in the future, then we'll know that you are gods. Do good! Or do bad! Then we will all be afraid and fearful.
24 Look! You are nobody, and your deeds are nothing. Whoever chooses you is disgusting.
25 I woke up one from the north and he came; from the east, one who calls my name. He tramples governors like mud, as a potter treads clay.
26 Who announced this from the start so that we would know; from an earlier time so we would say, "That's right"? Truly, no one announced it, no one proclaimed it, and no one heard your words.
27 I first said it to Zion, "Look, here they are"; to Jerusalem I now send a herald.
28 But I look, and there's no one among them, no counselor; and when I ask, no one can answer.
29 Look, all of them are frauds; their deeds amount to nothing; their images are a total delusion.