10 So Tobias went out, called Raphael, and said to him, "Young man, my father is calling for you." Raphael went in, and Tobit was the first to greet him. Raphael said, "May joy be yours!" Tobit responded, "What joy can there still be for me? My eyes are useless, and I can't see the light of heaven. Instead, I lie in darkness just like the dead who no longer see the light. I live among the dead, hearing the sound of human beings without seeing them." Raphael said to him, "Take heart! The time is near when God will heal you. Take heart!" Then Tobit said to him, "My son Tobias wants to go to Media. Brother, can you accompany and guide him? I will pay your wages." Raphael said to him, "I'm able to go with him, for I know all the roads and have often traveled to Media and have passed through all its plains. So I'm familiar with its mountains and all its roads."