1 Chronicles 27:28-34

28 In charge of the olive and sycamore-fig trees in the Sh'felah was Ba'al-Hanan from G'derah, while Yo'ash was put over the storehouses for olive oil.
29 In charge of the herds of livestock feeding in the Sharon was Shirtai from the Sharon, while Shafat the son of Adlai was put over herds in the valleys.
30 Ovil the Yishma'eli was put over the camels, Yechd'yahu the Meronoti over the donkeys
31 and Yaziz the Hagri over the flocks [of sheep and goats]. All of these were responsible for King David's property.
32 Y'honatan David's uncle was an adviser, a man of understanding and a secretary. Yechi'el the son of Hachmoni took care of the king's sons.
33 Achitofel was an adviser to the king. Hushai the Archi was the king's confidant;
34 and after Achitofel were Y'hoyada the son of B'nayah and Evyatar. Yo'av was commander of the king's army.
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