Ezekiel 20:19-29

19 I am ADONAI your God; live by my laws, observe my rulings, and obey them,
20 and keep my shabbats holy; and they will be a sign between me and you, so that you will know that I am ADONAI your God."
21 "'But the children too rebelled against me. They did not live by my laws or observe my rulings, to obey them, which, if a person does, he will have life by them; and they profaned my shabbats. Then I said I would pour out my fury on them and spend my anger on them in the desert.
22 Nevertheless, I withdrew my hand and allowed concern for my own reputation to keep me from letting it be profaned in the sight of the nations who had seen when I brought them out.
23 "'I also raised my hand and swore to them in the desert that I would scatter them among the nations and disperse them through the countries;
24 because they hadn't obeyed my rulings but had rejected my laws and profaned my shabbats, and their eyes had turned toward their fathers' idols.
25 I also gave them laws which did them no good and rulings by which they did not live;
26 and I let them become defiled by their own gifts, in that they offered up their firstborn sons, so that I could fill them with revulsion, so that they would [finally] realize that I am ADONAI.'
27 "Therefore, human being, speak to the house of Isra'el; tell them that Adonai ELOHIM says, 'Moreover, your ancestors blasphemed me by breaking faith with me in still another way:
28 for after I had brought them into the land, which I had raised my hand in pledge to give them, they noted all its high hills and leafy trees and offered there their sacrifices; there they made offerings that provoked my anger, there they set out their sweet aromas, and there they poured out their drink offerings.
29 When I asked them, "This high place where you go, what is the meaning of it?" they gave it the name Bamah which it retains to this day.'