Genesis 5:18-28

18 Yered lived 162 years and fathered Hanokh.
19 After Hanokh was born, Yered lived 800 years and had sons and daughters.
20 In all, Yered lived 962 years; then he died.
21 Hanokh lived sixty-five years and fathered Metushelach.
22 After Metushelach was born, Hanokh walked with God 300 years and had sons and daughters.
23 In all, Hanokh lived 365 years.
24 Hanokh walked with God, and then he wasn't there, because God took him.
25 Metushelach lived 187 years and fathered Lemekh.
26 After Lemekh was born, Metushelach lived 782 years and had sons and daughters.
27 In all, Metushelach lived 969 years; then he died.
28 Lemekh lived 182 years and fathered a son,
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