Job 11

1 Next Tzofar the Na'amati spoke up:
2 "Shouldn't this torrent of words be answered? Does talking a lot make a person right?
3 Is your babble supposed to put others to silence? When you mock, is no one to make you ashamed?
4 "You claim that your teaching is pure; you tell [God], 'I am clean in your sight.'
5 I wish that God would speak, would open his mouth to answer you,
6 would tell you the secrets of wisdom, which is worth twice as much as common sense. Understand that God is demanding of you less than your guilt deserves.
7 "Can you penetrate God's depths? Can you find out Shaddai's limits?
8 They're as high as heaven; what can you do? They're deeper than Sh'ol; what can you know?
9 Their extent is longer than the earth and broader than the sea.
10 If he passes through, puts in prison and assembles [for judgment], who can prevent him?
11 For he knows when people are worthless; so if he sees iniquity, won't he look into it?
12 "An empty man can gain understanding, even if he was born like a wild donkey.
13 If you will set your heart right, if you will spread out your hands toward him,
14 if you will put your iniquity at a distance and not let unrighteousness remain in your tents,
15 then when you lift up your face, there will be no defect; you will be firm and free from fear.
16 "For you will forget your misery; you'll remember it like a flood that passed through long ago;
17 your life will be brighter than noon; even its darkness will be like morning.
18 You will be confident, because there is hope; you will look around you and lie down secure;
19 you will rest, and no one will make you afraid. Many will seek your favor;
20 but the eyes of the wicked will fail [to find comfort]. They will find no way to escape, and their hope will turn to complete disappointment."