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Nehemiah 12:1-16

1 These are the cohanim and L'vi'im who went up with Z'rubavel the son of Sh'alti'el, and Yeshua: S'rayah, Yirmeyah, 'Ezra,
2 Amaryah, Malukh, Hatush,
3 Sh'khanyah, Rechum, M'remot,
4 'Iddo, Gintoi, Achiyah,
5 Miyamin, Ma'adiyah, Bilgah,
6 Sh'ma'yah, Yoyariv, Y'da'yah,
7 Salu, 'Amok, Hilkiyah and Y'da'yah. These were the leaders of the cohanim and their kinsmen during the time of Yeshua.
8 The L'vi'im: Yeshua, Binui, Kadmi'el, Sherevyah, Y'hudah and Mattanyah, who was in charge of the songs of thanksgiving, he and his kinsmen,
9 with Bakbukyah and 'Uni, their kinsmen, singing antiphonally with them in the service.
10 Yeshua was the father of Yoyakim, Yoyakim was the father of Elyashiv, Elyashiv was the father of Yoyada,
11 Yoyada was the father of Yonatan, and Yonatan was the father of Yadua.
12 In the days of Yoyakim these were the cohanim who were heads of fathers'clans: of S'rayah, M'rayah; of Yirmeyah, Hananyah;
13 of 'Ezra, Meshulam; of Amaryah, Y'hochanan;
14 of M'likhu, Yonatan; of Sh'vanyah, Yosef;
15 of Harim, 'Adna; of M'rayot, Helkai;
16 of 'Iddo, Z'kharyah; of Ginton, Meshulam;
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