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Psalm 28

1 By David: ADONAI, I am calling to you; my Rock, don't be deaf to my cry. For if you answer me with silence, I will be like those who fall in a pit.
2 Hear the sound of my prayers when I cry to you, when I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary.
3 Don't drag me off with the wicked, with those whose deeds are evil; they speak words of peace to their fellowmen, but evil is in their hearts.
4 Pay them back for their deeds, as befits their evil acts; repay them for what they have done, give them what they deserve.
5 For they don't understand the deeds of ADONAI or what he has done. He will break them down; he will not build them up.
6 Blessed be ADONAI, for he heard my voice as I prayed for mercy.
7 ADONAI is my strength and shield; in him my heart trusted, and I have been helped. Therefore my heart is filled with joy, and I will sing praises to him.
8 ADONAI is strength for [his people], a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.
9 Save your people! Bless your heritage! Shepherd them, and carry them forever!
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