Psalm 76

1 For the leader. With string music. A psalm of Asaf. A song: In Y'hudah God is known; his name is great in Isra'el.
2 His tent is in Shalem, his place is in Tziyon.
3 There he broke the flashing arrows, the shield, the sword, and the weapons of war. (Selah)
4 You are glorious, majestic, more so than mountains of prey.
5 The bravest have been stripped of their spoil and now are sleeping their final sleep; not one of these courageous men finds strength to raise his hands.
6 At your rebuke, God of Ya'akov, riders and horses lie stunned.
7 You are fearsome! When once you are angry, who can stand in your presence?
8 You pronounce sentence from heaven; the earth grows silent with fear
9 when God arises to judge, to save all the humble of the earth. (Selah)
10 Human wrath serves only to praise you; what remains of this wrath you wear as an ornament.
11 Make vows to ADONAI your God, and keep them; all who are around him must bring presents to the one who should be feared.
12 He curbs the spirit of princes; he is fearsome to the kings of the earth.