"Billy" Sunday, the Man and His Message

William T. Ellis

One of God's Tools

Up from the Soil

A Base-Ball "Star"

A Curbstone Recruit

Playing the New Game

A Shut Door--and an Open One

Campaigning for Christ

Speech Seasoned with Salt

Battling with "Booze"

"Give Attendance to Reading"

Acrobatic Preaching

"The Old-Time Religion"

"Hitting the Sawdust Trail"

The Service of Society

Giving the Devil His Due

Critics and Criticism

A Clean Man on Social Sins

"Help Those Women"

Standing on the Rock

Make a Joyful Noise

The Prophet and His Own Time

Those Billy Sunday Prayers

The Revival on Trial

An Army with Banners

A Life Enlistment

"A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ"

A Wonderful Day at a Great University

The Christian's Daily Helper

Eternity! Eternity!

Our Long Home

Glorying in the Cross