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In this new Edition no change of any importance has been made beyond the correction of errata, and extending the texts quoted. The object of the book is to draw more attention to the great subject of connecting at all times the Person of Christ with His Work. This is a point which the experience of the most solid believers has testified to as of vast importance. Toplady quotes the following case from the Diary of one who afterwards preached Christ, Mr Thomas Cole. Listentohisinteresting statement. "I was convinced I could be saved no other way than by grace, if I could but find grace

enough. But at that time I saw more in my own sin than in God's mercy. But this put me on a further inquiry after the grace of God, because my life lay upon it: and then I was brought to the Gospel. When, however, I came to the Gospel, I met with the law in it; that is, I was for turning the Gospel into law. I began to settle myself upon Gospel-duties, such as repentance, humiliation, believing, praying; and (I know not how) I forgot the promise of grace which first brought me to the Gospel. Soon I found I could neither believe nor pray as the Gospel required. While I was in this plunge, it pleased the Lord to direct me to study the Person of Christ, whom I looked on as the great undertaker in the work of man's salvation! And truly here T may say, as Paul did, 'It pleased God to reveal His Son in me.' God overcame my heart

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