Publisher's Preface

Publishers' Preface.

Spurgeon was called the pastoral evangelist; Chalmers, the parish evangelist; Finney, the revival evangelist; Howard, the prison evangelist; Whitefield, the field evangelist; Shaftesbury, the philanthropic evangelist; Bliss, the singing evangelist; McCauley, the evangelist of the outcast, but Dwight L. Moody was the evangelist of the people.

For forty years his name was known among the English speaking people. For nearly forty years his sayings have been household words; for nearly forty years his stories have been told at almost every Christian fireside. His life, with its peculiarly fitting ending, is known in a general way to the great majority of the people, but few of them realize what a great man he was. Born in New England poverty, but with an indomitable spirit, he made his mark as a boy even in wise old Boston. As a young man in Chicago, he demonstrated his stability in commerce as well as in religion. He founded, by his energy, one of the largest Sunday-schools in the world out of apparently the poorest material to be found on the American continent.

A few years later, he electrified Europe with his methods and thousands of people turned

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from ways of sin to ways of righteousness. He came home and founded the great schools at Northfield where thousands of young men and women can procure an education at a nominal figure. Thirty buildings stand as a monument to him there. In Chicago, the great Bible Institute, with its auxiliary features, where thousands of young men and women, desirous of greater insight into the Holy Scriptures daily assemble and listen to explanations of the Bible.

The present work was commenced early in 1898 and is the result of months of careful research and many interviews with personal friends of Mr. Moody. It embodies a complete account of the great evangelist's marvelous career from his birth to his death, enlivened with anecdotes contributed from all parts of the world. The labor of arranging, selecting and condensing the vast amount of material gathered during the past two years, was very great and it was found necessary to omit a large amount of very interesting and valuable matter in order to keep the work within the lines of a popular life of Mr. Moody. Many of the illustrations were taken specially for the work by our own photographer; others were redrawn from designs furnished our special artist.

List Of Illustrations.


Dwight L. Moody Frontispiece

"The Sower" 20

Moody Family Gathering, 1867 29

Period Pictures of Mr. Moody 39

The Old and the New 49

Mr. Moody's Missionary Pony 59

North Side Tabernacle 77

P. P. Bliss 87

Ira D. Sankey 97

Mr. Moody's Characteristic Attitude 115

Mr. Moody on a Morning Drive 125

Free Church. Assembly Hall, Edinburgh 135

Exhibition Hall, Dublin 153

Hay market Opera House 171

Characteristic Page from Mr. Moody's Bible 182

Farewell Meeting at Glasgow 189

Chicago Avenue Church 207

Interior of Chicago Church 225

The Empty Chair 243

The Bible He Preached From 261

Moody Bible Institute 279

Bible Institute Library 297

A Music Lesson, Bible Institute 315

Pastor's Study, Chicago Avenue Church 333

Col portage Cottage 351

The Funeral Bier 367

Congregational Church, Northfield 387

Recitation Hall 4°5

Marquand Memorial Hall 423

Mt . Hermon School 44'

East Hall, Northfield Seminary 459

Auditorium, Northfield 477

Recitation Hall, Northfield 495