God's Gift of His Son.

• For God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, hut have eternal life.'—John iii. 16.

'Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift'—2 Cor. ix. 15.

THUS dear did God hold the world. How dear? That He gave His only-begotten Son for every one in the world who will trust in Him. And how did He give? He gave Him, in His birth as man, in order to be for ever one with us. He gave Him, in His death on the cross as Surety, in order to take our sin and curse upon Himself. He gave Him on the throne of heaven, in order to arrange for our welfare, as our Representative and Intercessor over all the powers of heaven. He gave Him in the outpouring of the Spirit, in order to dwell in us, iJohnLu.ie. to be entirely and altogether our own.i Yes;

£'io!;Heb!vii to us, for us, in us.

It!Ho. ou Nothing less than His Son Himself. This is the love of God; not that He gives us something, but that He gives us some one—a living

person—not one or another blessing, but Him in whom is all life and blessing—Jesus Himself. Not simply forgiveness, or revival, or sanctification, or glory does He give us; but Jesus, His own Son. The Lord Jesus is the beloved, the equal, the bosom-friend, the eternal blessedness of the Father. And it is the will of the Father that we should have Jesus as ours, even as He has Him.i For this end He save Him to us. 'Matt A *y

° John xvlL 23,

The whole of salvation consists in this: to have, jSl/s^HiiTii:

to possess, to enjoy Jesus. God has given His

Son, given Him wholly to become ours.2 aSi'woS;

What have we, then, to do? To take Him, to receive and to appropriate to ourselves the gift, to enjoy Jesus as our own. This is eternal life. 'He that hath the Son hath life.'s "jonnLim

Cor. UL IS, (:

How I do wish, then, that all young Christians J^;^ * may understand this. The one great work of God's love for us is, He gives us His Son. In Him we have all. Hence the one great work of our heart must be to receive this Jesus who has been given to us, to consider Him and use Him as ours. I must begin every day anew with the thought, I have Jesus to do all for me.4 In all weakness 'John *r. c

. Kora. vlU. J7 i

or darkness or danger, in the case of every desire Lj?[->.u.8j or need, let your first thought always be, I have 5m.'tit1' Jesus to make everything right for me, for God has given Him to me. Whether your need be forgiveness or consolation or confirmation, whether you have fallen, or are tempted to fall, into danger, whether you know not what the will of God is in

one or another matter, or know that you have not the courage and the strength to do this will, let this always be your first thought, the Father has given me Jesus to care for me. «

For this purpose, reckon upon this gift of God every day as yours. It has been presented to you in the word. Appropriate the Son in faith on the word. Take Him anew every day.

• John i.i»; i Through faith you have the Son.i The love of

John T. 9,i3. O J

God has given the Son. Take Him, and hold

• i join It. 4. Him fast in the love of your heart.2 It is to

bring life, eternal life, to you that God has given Jesus. Take Him up into your life; let heart and tongue and whole walk be under the might •jcont. is; and guidance of Jesus.8 Young Christian, so weak and so sinful, listen, pray, to that word. God has given you Jesus. He is yours. Taking is nothing else but the fruit of faith. The gift is for me. He will do all for you.

0 my Lord Jesus, to-day anew, and every day, I take Thee. In all Thy fulness, in all Thy relations, without ceasing, I take Thee for myself. Thee, who art 'my Wisdom, my Light, my Leader, I take as my Prophet. Thee, who dost perfectly reconcile me, and bring me near to God, who dost purify and sanctify me and pray for me, I take as my Priest. Thee, who dost guide and keep and bless me, I take as my King. Thou, Lord, art All, and Thou art wholly mine. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. Amen.

7. Ponder much the word Give. God gioes in a wonderful way: from the heart, completely for nothing, to the unworthy. And He gluee effectually. What He gluee He will really make entirely our possession, and inwardly appropriate for us. Belieoe this, and you shall haoe the certitude that Jesus will, to the full, come into your possession, with all that He brings.

2. Ponder much also that other word Take. To take Jesus, and to hold Him fast and use Him when receioed, is our great work. And that taking is nothing but trusting. He is mine with all that He has. Take Jesus—the full Jesus—eoery day as yours. This is the secret of the life of faith.

3. Then weigh well also the word Have. 'He that hath the Son hath light.' What l have is mine, for my use and seroice. l can dispose of it, and can haoe the full enjoyment of it. 'He that hath the Son hath life.'

4. Mark especially that what God gioes, and what you take, and what you now haoe, is nothing less than the lioing Son of God,

Do you receioe this 7