Our Surrender to Jesus.

•They gave their own selves to the Lord.'—2 Cob. viiL 6.

IN" the surrender of Jesus for me, I have the chief element of what He has done and always does for me. In my surrender to Him I have the chief element of what He would have me to do. For young Christians who have given themselves to Jesus, it is a matter of great moment always to hold fast, to confirm and renew this surrender. This is the special life of faith, to say anew every day: I have given myself to Him, to follow Him and to matt. It. a serve Him:i He has taken me: I am His, and jota"jiU :S: entirely at His service.2

i6.' 2 Oor-v- Young Christian, hold firm your surrender, and matt xxriii. make it arwaYS firmer. When there recurs a stumbling or a sin after you have surrendered yourself, think not the surrender was not sincere. No: the surrender to Jesus does not make us perfect at once. You have sinned, because you were not thoroughly or firmly enough in His arms. Adhere to this, although it be with shame: Lord, Thou knowest it, I have

given myself to Thee: I am Thine.i Confirm wjta«»LiTi this surrender anew. Say to Him that you nowSSV ul! begin to see better how complete the surrender ont-"to Him must be, and renew every day the voluntary, entire, and undivided offering up of yourselves to Him.* lLu*?„ H*

,> 38; FkB.UI.Ti

The longer we continue Christians, the deeper •, will be our insight into that word: surrender to Jesus. We shall always see more clearly that we do not yet fully understand or contemplate it. The surrender must become, especially, more undivided and trustful. The language which Ahab once used must be ours: 'According to thy saying, my lord, O king, I am thine, and all that I have' (1 Kings xx. 4). This is the language of undivided dedication: I am thine, and all that I have. Keep nothing back. Keep back no single sin that you do not confess and leave off. Without conversion there can be no surrender.8 •«•«. *j

27; John Ml.

Keep back no single power. Let your head Sl'i».iii.2Tlm' with all its thinking, your mouth with all its speaking, your heart with all its feeling, your hand with all its working—let your time, your name, your- influence, your property, let all be laid upon the altar.4 Jesus has a right to all: He'Bom-1 «*

r ° 22. xlL i; J

demands the whole. Give yourself, with all that Bs.xbi.^u you have, to be guided and used and kept, p*t-li-,, sanctified and blessed. 'According to Thy word, my Lord, O King, I am Thine, and all that I have.'

That is the language of trustful dedication.

It is on the word of the Lord, which calls upon you to surrender yourself, that you have done this. That word is your warrant that He will take and guide and keep you. As surely as you give yourself, does He take you; and what He takes He can keep. Only, we must not take it again out of His hand. Let it remain fixed with you that your surrender is in the highest degree pleasing to Him: be certain of it, your offering is a sweet-smelling savour. Not on what you are, >johnx.j«i 2 or what you experience or discover in yourselves,

Then. ill. 3; a J r <l

Bin.Lu. (jo yoU say this, bin on His word. According to His word, you are able to take a stand on this: what you give, that He takes; and what He takes, that He keeps.i Therefore every day anew, let this be the childlike joyful activity of your life of faith: you surrender yourselves without ceasing to Jesus, and you are safe in the certitude that He in His love takes and holds you fast, and that His answer to your giving is the renewed and always deeper surrender of Himself to you.

According to Thy word, my Lord and King, I am Thine, and all that I have. Every day, this day, will I confirm it, that I am not mine own, but am my Lord's. Fervently do I beseech Thee to take full possession of Thy property, so that no one may doubt whose I am. Amen.

7. Ponder now once again the words giving and taking and having. What l giue to Jesus, He takes with a dioine taking. And what He takes, he has and thereafter cares for. Now it is absolutely no longer mine. I must not take thought for it; l may not dispose of it. 0 pray, let your faith find expression in adoration: Jesus takes me: Jesus has me.

2. Should there ooertake you a time of doubting or darkness whereby your assurance that the Lord has receioed you has come to be lost, suffer not yourself thereby to be dispirited. Come simply as a sinner, confess your sins : belieue in His promises that He will by no means cast out those that come to Him and begin simply on the ground of the promises to say: t know that He has receioed me.

3. Forget not what the chief element in surrender is: it is a surrender to Jesus and to His loue. Fix your eye, not upon your actioity in surrender, but upon Jesus, who calls you, who takes you, who can do all for you. This it is that makes faith strong.

4. Faith is always a surrender. Faith ls the eye for seeing the inoisible. When l look at something, l surrender myself to the impression which It makes upon me. Faith is the ear that hearkens to the ooice of God. When l belieoe a message, l surrender myself to the influence, cheering or saddening, which the tidings exercises upon me. When l belieoe in Jesus, l surrender myself to Him, in reflection, in desire, in expectation, in order that He may be in me and do that for which He has been gioen to me by Gc4.