Ever Blessed Father! Thou hast sent me a message by Thy beloved Son that I am to be perfect as Thou art . Coming from Thee, 0 Thou incomprehensible and most glorious God, it means more than man can grasp. Coming to Thee, I ask that Thou wouldest Thyself teach me what it means, work in me what it claims, give me what it promises.

My Father! I accept the word in the obedience of faith. I would yield my life to its rule. I would hide it in my heart as a living seed, in the assurance that there, deeper than thought or feeling, Thy Holy Spirit can make it strike root and grow up.

And as I go through Thy word, to meditate on what it says of the path of the perfect, teach me, 0 my Father, to bring every thought '1 mine captive to the obedience of Christ, and to wait for that teaching of Thy Holy Spirit which is so sure to the upright in heart. In Him, with whom Thou hast sent me the message, give me the answer to this prayer too. Amen.

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