Letter X


August I, 1T82. My Dear Child,

DO not think we forgot you ; our love would reach you were you a hundred times further from us than Highgate is ; but we are very much taken up. Monday your mamma was ill in bed all day ; she is pretty well now, but P is very bad

indeed—wotte I believe than ever you saw her, and we can harafy attend to any thing but her. Then again poor Mr. B——— was hurt by a mad ox, about ten days since ; his life has been in great danger, but we now hope he will recover. I visit him every day, and that takes up a good deal of my time.

I would be thankful that the Lord preserves you in health and safety. I hope you are thankful too. When you see any body sick, or hurt, or lame, I

would have have you think it is of the Lord's goodness their case is not yours. Sin has filled the world with sorrow; all the calamities you read or hear of, or see with your eyes, are the fruits of sin ; and as you are a sinner, you might suffer what others do, and it is only the Lord's mercy that preserves you, and provides you good 'things which many others have not. You know many children are brought up in poverty, meet with ill treatment, have no parents or kind friends to take care of them. But though the Lord removed your parents before you were old enough to miss them, he took care to provide you a place with us ; he inclined us not only to receive you, but to love you ; and now your wants are all supplied ; and, besides this, you have been, and are instructed and prayed for every day. You have great reason to be thankful indeed, and I hope you will pray to the Lord to give you a thankful heart; for you cannot have it except he gives it you. That hymn in Dr. Watts' little book—

When'er I take my walks abroad, &c.

though it is written principally for children, will deserve your notice when you grow up and become a woman ; I hope you will say from your heartNot more than others I deserve, Yet God has given me more. f

Oh, it is a great blessing to be sensible we deserve nothing from God but misery, and that all the good we receive is mercy, and then to know that all this mercy we owe to the Lord Jesus, who died for us that we might live and be happy.

There's ne'er a gift his hand bestows,
But cost his bean a groan.

When you understand this, you will love him, and then you will be happy indeed ; then it will be your pleasure to please him, and then putting your trust in him, you will be preserved from anxiety and evil.

Your affectionate.