To Miss, On Her Birthday


WITH sweet song the lark jmd thrush, -

On the day when you were born,
From the dew-bespangled bush, ..-

Weleom'd in the happy morn. Still with each returning Spring, As the day'returns.-they, sing.

II. ;- '

What a cheering soft perfume,

Wafted on the air, proceeds From the hedges drest in bloom,

And the gay enamell'd meads^ While the sun, with pencil'd beams, Gilds the hills, the trees, the streams!


Yet before another year

(Pleasures are short-liv*d below) Frowning Winter will be here,' '- '."-- -'' '

Rob'd in clouds, and,storms, and snow:

AH these beauties then will lade, ,,.

Ail look blasted, cold, and dead.

Spring an emblem is of youth',

Hasting on to with'ring'age; ' -'

Oh that this important truth

Might each youthful heart engage!
Ev'ry pulse, and ev'ry breath,
Nearer brings our winter, Death.
Vol. II. N


Yon, I trust, delight to think

On the change which many- dread;

Here you taste, but there shall drink
Pleasures at the fountain head.

Has not Jesus, by his love,

Taught your heart to soar above!


Endless spring will there prevail,

There, the flow'rs unfading grow;

Solid joys that never fail,

How unlike to all below!

Grief and sin will then be o'er,

And our sun go down no more.


You may well record your birth,

Born to such a glorious bliss;
All the kingdoms of the earth -

Are but toys compar'd with this.
'Tis not worth the while to live
For such joys as earth can give.


Saviour! till her life shall end

Guide her steps, and cheer her heart?*" •
Be her shepherd, husband, friend,

Daily grace and peace impart*
May her bright example show .', . \:

What A Saviour's Love Can Do.''-,(,

if ■ -.■ "TM


i 'VI . .1! .hY