In sending forth a new collection of Hymns, I feel it necessary to preface the work by a few words of explanation. I am anxious that no purchaser should misunderstand the nature of its contents.

The first hundred hymns in this collection have already appeared in a separate form, under the title of "Spiritual Songs." The remaining two hundred hymns have been added to the former selection; and the whole three hundred are now sent forth (to prevent confusion) under the new title of "hymns For The Church On Earth." Some explanatory account of the whole collection will now, perhaps, not be thought out of place.

I wish it then to be distinctly understood, that the volume now in the reader's hands, does not profess to be a complete collection of all the best English hymns, both old and new. The old familiar compositions of Watts, Wesley, Newton, Cowper, Toplady, &c, with which every lover of Christian psalmody,-is acquainted, are, for the most part, purposely excluded from its pages. It contains, with a few exceptions, no hymns which are not comparatively of modern date. The greater proportion of the hymns in this volume are either very little known, or at any rate are not to be found in most of the hymn-books commonly used. It is a collection of the best modern hymns, and of a few old hymns, which are not so well known as they deserve to be.

Furthermore, I wish it to be understood, that this collection is not primarily intended for congregational use. Many of the hymns, no doubt, are admirably adapted for singing in the congregation. Many others, however, from their highly experimental character, are better suited for private reading; while many are shut out from public usefulness by their peculiar and irregular metres. The comfort of invalids and the edification of Christians in private, have been the two principal objects I have had in view in preparing this collection. I hold strongly, that holy thoughts often abide for ever in men's memories under the form of poetry, which pass away and are forgotten under the form of prose.

In compiling ■this hymn-book, I have availed myself of all the best modern collections which I have been able to obtain, whether of English, Scotch, Irish, or American origin; and I have laid no British or Irish authors under contribution without first seeking their permission. To the following writers I desire especially to express my grateful acknowledgments, and to thank them for the kindness and courtesy with which they have acceded to my applications for leave to use their hymns:—Dr. Bonar, of Kelso, N.B.;—Rev. R. Macduff; —Miss Catherine Winkworth, translator of the German hymns entitled "Lyra Germanica;"—R. Massie, Esq., translator of the German hymns by Spitta, entitled "Lyra Domestica;"—the translator of the German hymns entitled "Hymns from the Land of Luther;"— A. L. "W., author of "Hymns and Meditations;"—J. T., author of " Woodsorrell;"—the author of " The Christian Life in Song;"—and Rev. C. T. Astley, author of " Songs in the Night." I desire also to express my thanks to Messrs. Longman and Co., the well-known publishers, for their permission to insert some hymns from the first series of "Lyra Germanica," and from "Lyra Domestica," in the copyright of both which works they have a beneficial interest.

I must frankly confess, that I have been unable to discover the authorship of many of the hymns which I have inserted in this collection, and have consequently been unable to ask the permission of the writers to use them. If, therefore, any living authors of hymns should happen to see their compositions used without leave in this volume, I can only ask them to acquit me of any intentional discourtesy, and to believe, that I would have asked their permission, if I had known where to apply.

The subjects of the hymns in this collection, are of wide range. I have purposely excluded all hymns which can only interest some one particular section of the Church of Christ. I have specially endeavoured to include those which come home to the hearts of all true Christians, of every name, and people, and tongue. —Hymns full of Jesus Christ, whether living, dying, rising, interceding, sympathizing, or coming again,— hymns full of the experience of believers, their conflicts, crosses, hopes, fears, sorrows, and joys,—such hymns are always useful. Of such, the Church can never have too many. Of such, I venture to think, the present volume contains a rich store.

Of the general value of hymns, it is needless to say anything. The children of the World may regard psalmsinging, or hymn-writing, with indifference, or ill-disguised contempt. But the true-hearted servants of that Saviour, who "sung a hymn" before He went out to the Mount of Olives, have ever loved, in every age, to "teach and admonish one another in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs." (Coloss. iii. 19.) The Bible, on which they love to feed daily, abounds in hymns of praise. The heaven, which they hope to inhabit one day, will be the abode of eternal praise. A thankful, hymnsinging spirit has always marked the days of a Church's spiritual prosperity. It is a pleasant thought, that, however much Christians may disagree in pulpits, on platforms, and in prose writing, they are generally of one heart, and one mind, in praise and prayer.

If the three hundred hymns, which I now send forth, shall do good to the weakest lamb in Christ's flock, and shall comfort, cheer, stablish, or build up one suffering member of Christ's mystical body, the labour which I have expended in collecting them, will be more than repaid.


Helmingham Rectory, Suffolk.
December, 1860.



A few more years shall roll .... 101

A little while! Our Lord shall come . . 19

A little while of mingled joy and sorrow 209

A little flock! so calls He thee . 276 A pilgrim here I wander .... 237

A pilgrim through this lonely world . 49

Abide with me! fast falls the eventide . 290

Abide with me, Thou gracious Guide . 193

Ah! I shall soon be dying . . .28

All that I was, my sin, my guilt ... 16

Alone with Thee, my God! alone with Thee 297

Amid life's wild commotion . . . 226

And are we yet alive . . .72

Are your souls the Saviour seeking . 286

Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep! . . .96

As Thou wilt, my God !' I ever say . 163

Awake ye saints, and raise your eyes . . .39

Away with our sorrow and fear ... 16

Be faithful to the end .... 255

Beloved, it is well .... 63

Be merciful to me, 0 God . .87 Be not weary, toiling Christian

Be still, my soul, Jehovah loveth thee

Be still, my soul, let nothing stir

Be still, my soul, the Lord is on thy side

Be steady, he steady, Oh! my soul

Be thou content, he still hefore .

Beyond the smiling and the weeping .

Birds have their quiet nest

Blessed he God, for ever hlest

Blessed he God, our God!

Breast the wave, Christian, when it is strongest

By faith I see my Saviour dying .

Calm me, my God, and keep me calm
Cease, my soul, thy strayings
Christ alone! Christ alone!
Christ's grave is vacant now
Christ, of all my hopes the ground
Cling to the Mighty One
Come and rejoice with me .
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
Come, Lord, and tarry not .
Come let us join to sing of Jesu's love
Come nearer, nearer still
Come to the morning prayer
Come Thou Almighty King
Come to the hlood-stain'd tree
Come to me, Lord, when first I wake
Come, sinner to the Gospel feast .
Come, worship at Emmanuel's feet
Commit thy way to God







Faint not Christian, though the road .
Faith is a very simple thing
Father, I know that all my life
Father, whose hand hath led
Fighting the hattle of life .
For ever with the Lord. Amen .
For ever with the Lord. Father
Forward, let the people go
Friend after friend departs .

Gate of my heart, fly open wide .

Gently, Lord! 0 gently lead us

Give to the winds thy fears

Glory to God on high! Let heaven .

Glory to God on high! Peace upon earth

Glory to God the Father he

Go, labour on, spend and be spent

Go up, go up, my heart

Go when the morning shineth

God doth not leave His own

God liveth ever! .

God of my life, how good, how wise .

Going home, and going quickly .

Hallelujah! I believe .

Hast thou within a care so deep .
He bids us come, His voice we know .
He sitteth o'er the waterfloods
He suffered, and wilt thou repine
Heavenward our path still goes .
Here, 0 my Lord, I see Thee face to face
Hope of our hearts, 0 Lord, appear
How blest is our sister, bereft
How long, 0 Lord, our Saviour .
How shall I follow Him I serve


















How shall I meet my Saviour . . . 256

How sweet the Gospel trumpet sounds . » 174

How weary and how worthless . . 350

I am a stranger here .... 848

I am hound for the kingdom . .261

I am oppressed, my gracious God . 182

I am wandering down life's shady path . 166

I do not doubt my safety . . 268

I give Thee thanks unfeigned . . . 166

I have a home above . 62

I hear a voice at dawn of day . . .64

I heard the voice of Jesus say ... 26
I journey forth rejoicing .... 272

I journey thro' a desert drear and wild . 83

I know not the way I am going . . .94

I lay my sins on Jesus .... I

I look to Jesus, and the cloud . . .151

I'm but a stranger here . . . 152

I'm going to leave all my sadness . .68

I need Thee, precious Jesus . . . 199
I saw the cross of Jesus .... 299

I think of Thee, Oh! Saviour ... 253

I thought that I was strong, Lord . . .214

I thought upon my sins, and I was sad 42

I was a wandering sheep . . .51

I will not let Thee go, Thou help in time of need . 248

If God is mine, then present things . 4i

In days of trouble and of care . . . 251

In the still silence of the voiceless night . . 205

In Thy name, O Lord, assembling . . -20

Is God for me? What is it . . .31

Is it a long way off . . 200

It is Thy hand, my God! . . 9»

Jehovah is our strength
Jesus, I come to Thee .
Jesus, I love Thee, Thou dost know .
Jesus in thy memory keep .

Jesus is our Shepherd, wiping every tear
Jesus, my Saviour, look on me!
Jesus, my sorrow lies too deep
Jesus, our Lord! to Thee we call
Jesus, Thy name I love . ,

Jesus, we rest in Thee
Joyfully, joyfully onward we move
Just as I am, without one plea

Know ye that better land

Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
Leaning on Thee, my guide and friend
Let me be with Thee, where Thou art
Let not your hearts be faint
Let sinners saved give thanks and sing
Let worldly minds the world pursue .
Lie down, frail body, here
Lo I am with Thee

Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest
Look Thou with pity on a brother's fall
Look up, my soul, to Christ thy joy
Lord, a whole long day of pain
Lord Jesus, are we one with Thee
Lord Jesus, as Thou wilt .
Lord, I hear of showers of blessing
Lord, it belongs not to my care
Lord, no guardian to defend me .
Lord, take my heart just as it is
Lord, the waves are breaking o'er me
Lowly my soul, be lowly

Make haste, 0 man, to live .

Master, where ahidest Thou

Mighty God! on whom the cares

Mine! what rays of glory hright

My bark is on a troubled sea

My days are gliding swiftly by .

My faith looks up to Thee .

My God, my Father, while I stray

My heavenly home is bright and fair

My Lord hath taught me

My prayer to the promise shall cling

My Saviour! Thou art precious .

My sins are blotted out

My soul, go boldly forth

My will would like a life of ease

Nearer, my God, to Thee

Never further than Thy cross

No condemnation, O my soul

No gospel like this

No shadows yonder

Now I have found a Friend



O abide, abide in Jesus

O gracious Shepherd bind us

O happy house, O home supremely blest

O haste away, my brethren dear

O holy Saviour! Friend unseen .

O Lamb of God! Still keep me

O Lord, I look to Thee

O Lord, who now art seated

O Thou, the contrite sinner's friend

O Thou, who hearest prayer

Oft have I sat in secret sighs

Oh! eyes that are weary














Oh! foolish heart be still . .181

Oh! for the calm beyond the storms: . 147

Oh! for the peace which floweth as a river . 238

Oh! Holy Ghost, Eternal God . . . 113

Oh! Jesus, leave not me . . . .215

Oh! where shall rest be found . . . 137

One prayer I have, all prayers in one . . .50

One sweetly solemn thought ... 95

Our times are in Thy hand .... 6

Pass away earthly joy .... 75
Perfect through suffering .... 278

Pilgrim of earth, who art . . . 155

Praise the Lord, who died to save us . . . 119

Praise ye Jehovah, praise the Lord most holy . 88

Prayer is the breath of God in man . . .65

Prayer was appointed to convey ... 73

Precious is the name of Jesus . . . 228

Precious Saviour, may I live . . 284

Press forward and fear not . . .60

Rejoice for a brother deceas'd ... 29

Rejoice, my fellow pilgrim . . . .217

Rejoice, 'tis not in sorrow . . 254

Rejoice ye saints, rejoice and praise , .14

Rest, rest from anxious thought . . . 144
Rest, weary soul ..... 273

Return, O wanderer, to thy home . . 292

Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless . . 220

Sing Hallelujah! praise the Lord . 235

Sing Hallelujah! Christ doth live . .131

Sing praise, the tomb is void . . . 105
Sing, sing His lofty praise .... 190

Sing we the song of those who stand . . 48


Sing with me! eing with me! . 299

Sinner, hear thy Saviour's call . . . 187

Soon and for ever, the breaking of day . 74

Sound, sound the truth abroad . . 127

Sound the high praises of Jesus our King . 180

Source of my life's refreshing springs . . 218

Sow in the morn thy seed . .71

Sow ye beside all waters . . . 289

Spirit divine, attend oar prayer . .46

Spirit of everlasting grace . . 259

Stand up and bless the Lord .38

Still on Thy loving heart let me repose 221

Sweet is the solace of Thy love . . 128

Take comfort, Christians, when your friends . 98

Take no thought for the morrow . . 249

The church has waited long ... 22
The God of harvest praise .... 188

The hour of my departure's come 100

The more the cross the nearer heaven . . 140•

The Spirit in our hearts ... 44

The way seems dark about me . . . 172

The weary day is tarrying . . 125

Thee will I love, my strength, my tower . 66

There is a city of the saints . . 210

There is a morning star, my soul . .81

There is a name I love to hear . . 139

There is an eye that never sleeps . .76

There is an hour when I must part 66

There is life for a look at the crucified One . 236

There's nought on earth to rest on 120

Thou art my hiding-place, O Lord! . .89

Thou hast stood here, Lord Jesus . . 298

Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness . . 222

Thou, who didst for Peter's faith . 52


Through the love of God our Saviour . . 82

Upon the stormy waters . . . 136

Wait, my soul, upon the Lord 143

Walk in the light, so shalt thou know 78

We are the Lord's; His all-sufficient merit . 162

We cannot always trace the way . . . 82

We have no home but heaven . . . 108

We'll sing of Christ, no matter who . If

We love Thee, Lord, because when we . 40

We praise and bless Thee, gracious Lord . 279

We speak of the realms of the blessed . . 287

We would see Jesus . . . .271

Weep not, Jesus lives on high . . 277

Welcome, days of solemn meeting . . .53

What cheering words are these . . . 11

What God decrees, child of His love . . . 171

What grace, 0 Lord, and beauty shone . 79

What is the thing of greatest price . . 146

What of the night, watchman? . . 128

What shall I be, my Lord? . 281

What shall we be, and whither shall we go 208

Whatever God does is well . . . 129

Whate'er my God ordains is right 242

When along life's thorny road . . .7

When far from the hearts where our fondest . Ill

When I by faith the Saviour's death , . .36

When morn awakes our hearts
When the nations toss and roar .
When the spark of life is waning
When to my cjoset I repair
When this passing world is done
When waves of sorrow round me swell
When we cannot see our way
While others pray for grace to die
While travelling thro' this wilderness
Why restless, why so weary
Will that not joyful be
With my whole heart to Thee I'll raise
Would' st thou be wise, and know the Lord

Ye angels, who stand round the throne
Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fears
Yes! for me, for me He careth '.