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1 Chronicles 12

Warriors Join David (12:1–22)

19–22 Warriors of Manasseh joined David when he was staying with the Philistines. The Philistines had refused to let David fight with them against Saul and so they had sent him back to Ziklag (see 1 Samuel 29:1–11 and comment); it was there that the men of Manasseh joined him (verses 19–20).

Others Join David at Hebron (12:23–40)

23–40 In this section, the writer recounts the number of fighting men from each tribe who joined David at Hebron. At that time David had been king of Judah for seven years; but now men from every Israelite tribe came to Hebron to proclaim him king over all Israel (verse 38); the writer thus brings us back to the beginning of the previous chapter, where he described David being anointed king over all Israel (see 2 Samuel 5:1–3; 1 Chronicles 11:1–3 and comment).

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