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Ecclesiastes 6

Life Without God Is Meaningless (6:1–12)

In this chapter the Teacher is speaking about one who has received from God wealth, possessions and honor (verse 2) but who still does not acknowledge God. Such a person’s life is truly meaningless. He cannot enjoy God’s gifts—even if he lives two thousand years! (verse 6). It would be better if he had never been born (verse 3).

7–12 In these verses, the Teacher’s pessimism continues; he is still struggling to find the meaning of life. Even the wise man (humanly wise) has no advantage over the fool (verse 8). God is sovereign: whatever exists has already been named, predetermined by God (verse 10). No man can contend with one who is stronger—that is, God. Arguing and complaining is of no profit (verse 11). The life of a godless man is like a shadow (verse 12); he passes without knowing where he came from or where he is going.

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