Ezekiel 46



Additional Regulations (46:1–24)

1–15 Ezekiel is given additional regulations concerning offerings and holy days. Again, as in Ezekiel 45:13–25, these regulations are similar but not identical to the regulations found in Leviticus Chapter 23 and Numbers Chapters 28–29.104

16–18 Instructions are given concerning the prince’s land and how it is to be passed on. The prince’s sons may inherit it directly. If the prince gives some of his inheritance (land) to a servant, then the servant may keep it until the year of freedom (the Year of Jubilee), at which time the land is to revert to the prince or his descendants (see Leviticus 25:8–13).

19–24 At the end of Ezekiel’s tour of the temple area, he is shown the kitchen; here the priests cook the portions of the offerings that are reserved for them.