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Genesis 24

Isaac and Rebekah (24:1–67)

Before the servant had even finished praying, God answered and Rebekah appeared (verse 15). She was Abraham’s grandniece; she was very beautiful. God had done more than the servant could have hoped for (Ephesians 3:20).

22–49 When the servant knew that Rebekah was the chosen one, he gave her gifts and asked her if he could stay at her father’s house (verses 22–23).

In the remainder of this section, the servant recounts to Rebekah’s parents and her brother Laban how he had been sent on this mission to obtain a wife for his master’s son. The servant repeatedly acknowledged God’s role in leading him to Rebekah.

50–54 So clearly did the servant give credit to God that Laban and Bethuel, Rebekah’s father, could only answer: This is from the LORD (verse 50). And so they agreed to give Rebekah in marriage to Isaac. The servant confirmed the agreement by presenting Rebekah’s family with costly gifts (verse 53).

55–58 The next morning Rebekah’s mother and brother asked that Rebekah’s departure be delayed for some days. But Abraham’s servant was eager to complete his mission without delay. So the matter was put to Rebekah herself; she answered simply, “I will go” (verse 58). Rebekah thus proved herself to be a woman of faith, ready to leave her home and family, and journey to an unknown land—just as Abraham had done before her.

59–67 As Rebekah departed, her family gave her their blessing, specifically that she might have thousands upon thousands of descendants who would possess the gates of their enemies (verse 60)—that is, who would take possession of their enemies strongholds (Genesis 22:17). Since Rebekah’s spiritual descendants today constitute the church of Christ, one is reminded of Jesus statement that the gates of Hades will not be able to overcome His church (Matthew 16:18).

The concluding verses of the chapter (verses 62–67) describe the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah and their subsequent marriage. We are left in wonder at God’s provision not only for Isaac but also for Rebekah. One moment she was an unknown village girl. Then she offered some water to a stranger (Mark 9:41). The next moment she was betrothed to Isaac, heir to wealth, heir to the promises of God. Before long she would become the mother of a nation, Israel, out of which would issue the Messiah, God’s Son. Truly her faith was rewarded more abundantly than she could ever have imagined.

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