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Job 6

Job (6:1–30)

14 -20 In these verses Job criticizes his three friends. They should have shown him devotion—love and acceptance—no matter what he had done (verse 14). But they were like dried—up streams that gave no water in time of need (verses 15–20). Job's three friends—he calls them brothers (verse 15)—were withholding from him what he needed most: sympathy and understanding.

21–23 Job bluntly tells his friends they have been no help. And he hadn't asked them for anything costly—only their friendship.

24 Then Job says: “Teach me . . . show me where I have been wrong.” If his friends are so sure he has sinned, they should show him his sin; they should be specific. This is a very important rule for all of us. We all have a tendency to accuse another person in general terms; that way the person can't defend himself and prove us wrong. But such general accusations are unfair, even cowardly; if we have a charge to make against someone, it must be specific.

25–30 Only honest words are helpful, no matter how painful. But the words of Job's friends have not been honest; their arguments have proved nothing (verse 25). The friends have treated Job's words like wind (verse 26). They have been heartless; they have acted as if he were some object to be bartered away (verse 27). They have unjustly attacked his integrity,24 and his integrity is all he has left (verse 29).

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