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Proverbs 7

Warning Against the Adulteress (7:1–27)

The woman tempts the young man in every way; she even entices him with some fresh meat from a sacrifice offered that very day (verses 14–15). In the end, it is the young man who is “sacrificed”; he is like an ox going to the slaughter, totally oblivious of his fate (verse 22).

It is here that we see the young man’s lack of judgment (verse 7). Judgment (or wisdom) is what sets humans apart from animals. Animals live primarily by instinct, by passion; humans, made in God’s image, have the capacity to overrule their passions. Those who engage in sexual sins set aside their God-given nature and choose to act like animals instead.

24–27 The writer ends in verse 27 with a final warning: the adulteress’s house is a highway to the grave (see Proverbs 2:18–19). It is a broad way, and it leads to destruction and to death (Matthew 7:13; Romans 6:23).

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