Ezekiel 15 Study Notes


15:1-8 The vine as an image of Israel goes back to Nm 13:23 where it appears as a symbol of the richness of Canaan, the land promised to Israel. The image of the vine portrays God’s loving care for the nation as a vinedresser taking care of what he had planted (Ps 80:8-9; Is 5:1-7). It is clear from Mt 21:33-41 that God desires fruit (good works) from his vine. Unless people come into vital relationship with the true Vinedresser, there can be no fruit. Fire is a frequent figure for destruction in Ezekiel (5:2,4; 10:2; 16:41; 23:47; 24:10-11). The burning of the wood accompanied the destruction of Jerusalem. In Babylonian invasions fire accompanied annihilation (2Kg 25:9; 2Ch 36:19). Fire will be a prominent feature of the great tribulation (Rv 14:18).