Job 25 Study Notes


25:1-2 In the shortest of the speeches by Job’s friends, Bildad summed up the friends’ position against Job’s claims. The might of God, who established harmony in the original creation (Gn 1:31; Ps 104:1-4) and maintained it (Ps 19:1-6; 103:19), should inspire dread in mankind (13:11).

25:3-6 Bildad asked a series of rhetorical questions implying negative answers. He restated the position of the three friends (4:17; 8:20; 11:14-16; 15:14-16; 22:4) as opposed to Job’s claims of innocence and purity (13:18; 16:17; 23:4-7,10-12). If God’s heavenly bodies were not pure, how could man claim to be (4:18-19; 15:15-16)? Job acknowledged that his life and man’s destiny were tied to maggots and worms (7:5; 17:14; 21:26; 24:20), which speak of man’s lowly existence (Ps 22:6) and terminal condition (Is 14:11).