1 Chronicles 20

Chapter 20

20:1 And it came to pass, that after the year was expired, at the time that kings go out [to battle], Joab led forth the power of the army, and wasted the country of the children of Ammon, and came and besieged a Rabbah. But David tarried at Jerusalem. And Joab smote Rabbah, and destroyed it.

(a) Which was the chief city of the Ammonites.
20:2 And David took the crown of their king from off his head, and found it to weigh a b talent of gold, and [there were] precious stones in it; and it was set upon Davids head: and he brought also exceeding much spoil out of the city.
(b) Which mounts about the value of seven thousand and seventy crowns, which is about 60 pound weight.
20:5 And there was war again with the Philistines; and Elhanan the son of Jair slew c Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite, whose spear staff [was] like a weavers beam.
(c) Read ( 2 Samuel 21:19 ).
20:6 And yet again there was war at Gath, where was a man of [great] stature, whose fingers and toes [were] four and twenty, d six [on each hand], and six [on each foot]: and he also was the son of the giant.
(d) Meaning that he had six apiece on hands and feet.