1 Chronicles 16:2

1 Chronicles 16:16

And the remainder thereof shall Aaron and his sons eat,
&c.] What quantity of fine flour the meat offering consisted of is not said; very probably it was left to the offerer to bring what he would, since it was a freewill offering:

[with] unleavened [bread] shall it be eaten in the holy place;
or rather, "unleavened shall it be eaten"; for it cannot well be thought that bread of any sort should be eaten with this offering, which, properly speaking, was itself a bread offering, and so it should be called, rather than a meat offering; and certain it is, that no meat offering was to be made of leaven, but of fine flour unleavened, and so to be eaten, not by the priests in their own houses, but in the tabernacle; not in that part of it properly called the holy place, in distinction from the holy of holies, but as it follows:

in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation they shall eat
in a room provided in that court for that purpose, as afterwards in the temple.