1 Chronicles 23:13

1 Chronicles 23:13

The sons of Amram; Aaron and Moses
A son of Kohath, ( 1 Chronicles 23:2 ) ( Exodus 6:20 )

and Aaron was separated;
from the children of Israel, ( Exodus 28:1 ) ,

that he should sanctify the most holy things, he and his sons for ever;
by an holy use of them, and keeping them from all unholy and profane uses; and this they were to do as long as the Aaronic priesthood lasted:

to burn incense before the Lord;
in the holy place, on the altar of incense; which none but priests descended from Aaron might do:

to minister unto him;
both at the altar of burnt offering and of incense; and the high priest in the holy of holies:

and to bless his name for ever,
or "in his name"; that is, the people in his name; see ( Numbers 6:23-27 ) .