1 Chronicles 26:15

1 Chronicles 26:15

To Obededom southward
Where were two gates in later times, called the gates of Huldah F24:

and to his sons, the house of Asuppim;
the word has the signification of gathering, hence some take it to be a council house, where the sanhedrim or elders gathered together, and sat; and others, rather a treasure house, where things of value were collected and laid up, since Obededom had the charge of gold and silver, and the vessels of the house, ( 2 Chronicles 25:24 ) , but Dr. Lightfoot F25 is of opinion, that

``Asuppim were two gates in the western wall, which stood most south, or nearest to Jerusalem; "and the house of Asuppim" was a large piece of building that ran between them, which was a treasury, or various rooms for treasuring or laying up something for the use of the temple;''

though L'Empereur thinks F26 it was the chamber Korban, which is not so probable.


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