1 Chronicles 26:26

1 Chronicles 26:26

Which Shelomith
The last mentioned in the lineage from Eliezer, the younger son of Moses:

and his brethren;
or kinsmen:

were over all the treasures of the dedicated things;
which had been devoted for the service of God, and of the temple particularly:

which David the king had dedicated;
out of the spoils he took in war, see ( 2 Samuel 8:11 ) ,

the chief fathers;
princes of tribes, and heads of families:

the captains over thousands and hundreds;
in the several tribes of the kingdom, and were concerned in the administration of justice to the people:

and the captains of the host, had dedicated;
of the army, out of the spoils in victory that came to their share, see ( Numbers 31:48 Numbers 31:50 ) as follows.