1 Chronicles 26:4

Ver. 4,5. Moreover, the sons of Obededom
The same at whose house the ark was, before it was brought by David to Zion; his sons were porters also, as himself, ( 1 Chronicles 15:24 ) ( 16:38 ) , mention is made of eight sons of his, according to their birth: Shemaiah, Jehozabad, Joah, Sacar, Nethaneel, Ammiel, Issachar,
Peulthai; for God blessed him;
as with wealth and riches, so with a numerous offspring, and that because of his entertainment of the ark at his house; the great increase of his family is aggravated by the Jews

F17 beyond all credit, that all in his family brought eight at a birth; the Targum here makes them eighty two in all.
F17 Hieron. Trad. Heb. in 2. Reg. fol. 77. M.