1 Chronicles 3:15

1 Chronicles 3:15

And the sons of Josiah were, the firstborn Johanan
Of whom we nowhere else read; he probably died before his father Josiah:

the second Jehoiakim:
whose name was Eliakim, changed for the former by the king of Egypt, when, he deposed his younger brother, and set him on the throne, ( 2 Kings 23:24 )

the third Zedekiah;
whose name was Mattaniah, but changed by the king of Babylon, when he placed him on the throne in the room of his brother's son, ( 2 Kings 24:17 ) ,

the fourth Shallum:
the same with Jehoahaz, who was first made king in the room of his father; but reigning so short a time, and making so mean a figure, is mentioned last, see ( Jeremiah 22:11 ) .

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